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Hidey Hole Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms



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​Designed for porches, decks and manufactured homes

Strength and Durability

The design and construction of the SafePorch® ensures great strength and durability. Made of 4 1/2 ” thick walls, floor and roof using high compression concrete poured over steel mesh screens and rebar, the SafePorch is like a bank vault in strength. The SafePorch® has ease of entrance and exit through a watertight door. Two ingeniously designed windows allow air circulation and natural light penetration while preventing the entrance of water or wind-driven debris.

Extreme Storm Resistance

Extreme storm resistance is provided by the fact that approximately one half or more of the depth of the SafePorch® is buried in the ground. A wide lip all the way around the bottom of the unit acts as an anchor adding increased resistance to any movement or shifting. The amount of the SafePorch® below grade depends on the height above ground of the door and floor line. Since the SafePorch® is not actually attached to the house, only set adjacent to it, destruction to the house does not affect the SafePorch®.

Quick Specs:

- Seats 4 adults, 2 children

- Top of Shelter 90"L x 54"W

- Outside Walls 85"L x 51"W x 70"H

- Inside Dimensions 76"L x 42"W x 62"H

- Hatch Entry 30"L x 24"W

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